Conservation Framing

Conserving your valuable art requires knowledge and skill. The materials that encapsulate your art shouldn't just look good, but should protect your investment for years and generations to come. Self adhesive boards, double sided tapes and cheap off the shelf glues will destroy that prospect. If you have a piece of valuable art or art that you value for personal reasons please consult with me on the best way to frame these. I also work with conservators for restoring art prior to framing and can recommend you to the appropriate professional for this service.


Needlework needs to be skillfully prepared for framing. Often there are creases in the fabric or the needlework is torsioned a certain way pulling the artwork out of square. This can be rectified by squaring the artwork but requires patience and skill. Once ready for framing the needelwork is secured over a batted mount that provides a subtle loft to the presentation. Conservation methods are used for this process. Selective mat colours are chosen to compliment your work and skillfully put together to complete your frame presentation.

Canvas Art Stretching

Canvas art can be framed in different ways, but the most common approach is to stretch the canvas over a frame and secure it in place with staples. This requires the right tools, technique and skills. Stainless steel staples are best used for this. Depending on the size and value of your canvas artwork consideration should be given to whether you have your canvas stretched over a fixed size strainer frame or a mortice and tenon frame, which can be expanded with corner keys when the need arises. If you have a large canvas it is most likely that at some point in the future your canvas will need to be retensioned over its frame and this is where the mortice and tenon frame saves you money. It means that you can tension the canvas by expanding the corner keys and reduces the risk of damage, caused by removing staples and extra handling.

Please contact me if you wish to investigate your options.

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